Partnership To Success – My Journey – Week 1

I started in the Internet Marketing business in June 2011 and in October 2012  I made my first sale online.  I’ve made a lot more sales since but never made a lot of money.  My best month was $92.   Partnership To Success with John Thornhill

I’ve already been in a two coaching programs from two different mentors and both gave me the next stepping stone to go further.

Both coaching programs gave me the feeling that I’ve accomplished something because without them I wouldn’t have gotten this far.

For me it was time to take the next step and that was to create my very own product.  To do so I needed help and help came along when I attended a webinar of John Thornhill.

In his webinar he was talking about his Partnership To Success program and immediately it grabbed my intention.

After a good night’s sleep I talked about it with my wife and told her that I wanted to join to go to the next step.  After hearing me out about the costs and what it was that I was going to learn she supported my decision to join.

I immediately went to my computer and signed up for the Partnership To Success program.  Receiving the link to week 1 of the program was for me the next step to success.

Week 1 was very easy for me because I already had a domain name with my name and hosting. I already had a blog setup and had written several posts.

The only thing that needed to be done was to order a header which I did not have yet. I’m using a different WordPress theme at the moment but I don’t have a problem in changing it to the theme John is going to recommend in week 2.

Changing the looks of my blog is no problem as it will only improve under the guidance of John. I’m going see it as a total revamp of my blog.

I can’t wait to get started with week 2 and take the next step in my journey to success.

Follow me on my journey as I start to build my business from scratch.



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