In week 15 of the Partnership to Success program is about how to use audio in your products. There was a detailed introduction into using audio and why we should consider using audio.Partnership To Success with John Thornhill

Before we can use audio we need software to record our voice. We can use Skype to record audio but we’ll need an additional piece of software to work with Skype to record audio.  This additional software is called Pamela and is not free. At this point I have not purchased it because I feel I don’t need it right now.  Maybe when I’m more advanced I might consider buying it.

The next software product was called Audacity and is free. I like this software program and have been experimenting using it. It’s easy to use but for someone who doesn’t understand how audio works, it can be challenging. 

For just simple audio recordings it works great and will be using it for audio recordings, but first need to buy a better microphone.

Week 16 is about tying to finish your product. Well, that is something that’s not going to happen in my case and probably will start to slow down in following these lessons. It doesn’t make sense to go further unless you have completed your product.

I’m in the middle of creating my first product which is quite time consuming and I’m still adding more a more content as the product grows bigger and bigger. I still have to start making my first videos but I want to complete the eBook first before creating videos.

As the new lessons come in I will go and watch the videos but implementing what I’ve seen will have to wait until I catch up.  There are just so many hours in a day that I can work on my product and when starting time seems to fly.

At the time of writing this post I’m in week 21 of the program, because I haven’t completed my product yet, which will take some more time; I will be staying in week 16.

Once I’ve completed the next step I will start writing about my progress again or I will write about my progress with my product.

 That’s it for this week.

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