I’m combining week 8 to 12 together otherwise the posts would be very short which doesn’t say that I have nothing to do. On the contrary the Partnership to Success program keeps me very busy.      Partnership To Success with John Thornhill

Week 8 of the Partnership to Success program I started to search for a niche. This part was not that difficult to do because I already had chosen the Internet Marketing niche.

John told me in his lessons to drill down the niche I chose so that I had several sub niches.  Next week I will be drilling the niche further down and doing research on which niche I can create a product on.

In week 9 I did some research on the chosen niche to see if it was popular in the sense that people are buying products created in that niche.

I was given three places to do my research but of course there are numerous places on the Internet where you can find information just by using Google.

In case you had no idea in which niche you want to create a product in, he gave us access to a pdf with 101 niches. Just to give you some ideas to choose from.

In week 10 I went further doing research and gathering information which I will need to start creating my very own product.  Also I got access to an amazing eBook called Operation eBook which gives me ideas on how to create an eBook and what to do and what not to do.

In week 11 I started to learn about mind mapping. Mind mapping is used to put your thoughts in a map so that you can see in one glance what your product is all about. 

Mind mapping is an ongoing process and is finished when you have completed your product. There are paid and free versions of mind map software but for us is a free version more than sufficient.  I recently purchased a Galaxy Note 10.1 and downloaded the app called Simple Mind. It’s free and very easy to use.

Using a tablet for mind mapping is great because whenever you get an idea you can instantly insert this in your existing mind map without having to start-up your PC or laptop.  I created a mind map for my first product and will continue adding my thoughts to it.

 In week 12 I had to come up with a name for my product. I created a list of several names which I thought were good product names. With this list of names I went and checked if the names were available as a domain.

 I found that three of my names were available and now I had to choose one which I thought was the right one for my product.  I think I made a good choice and went ahead and purchased the domain before somebody else snatches it away.

 After purchasing the domain I went and added it to my hosting and is now online but with nothing yet to see. I will reveal my domain name and product name later.

 Now it was time to order some graphics to start visualizing what my product is about.

 The coming weeks are going to be exiting as it is time to get started creating.

Follow me on my journey in the Partnership To Success program and check out my blog regularly for new posts.  If you like what you read, please share the content with your friends by using the social links to your left.

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